Learn Quran Online-Iqra Quran Academy

Learning the Holy Quran has been one of the most effective and helpful processes that help Muslims complete around the world about the teaching of the Holy Quran and the Islam. The motive of our online institute is to Learn Quran online through our online classes most simply and flexibly to children and elders at their home; it is easier than you imagine.
Now you and your kids can gain the precious knowledge of Islam at their house in front of your eyes, so you don’t need to drive your children far away to an institute or Mosque to learn Holy Quran with TAJWEED. We can help you learn Quran online with proper laws of TAJWEED and improve your recitation of Holy Book.
ALHAMDULILLAH, for many years thousands of students have finished and memorized the Quran from iqraqurancenter.com. It doesn’t matter that how old or young (age 4 to 70 years) you are or if you’re a beginner, with the assist of our highly skilled QARI and teachers we’ll start guiding you from basic lessons of NOORANI QAIDA gradually improving to the extreme level of TAJWEED. 

Learn Quran Online

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